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[EN] Wondering what would be the perfect time to visit Iceland?

This beautiful country is so full of different activities throughout the year that is difficult to pinpoint an ideal time of the year to visit. It depends on what you enjoy doing, on what you want to see an...

[English] (Versão em Português mais abaixo)

When a person flies a lot, it is easy to get a top status on your airline frequent flyer program. Sometimes I get a free upgrade to executive class due to my Gold Status, but this is not the case I am going to talk about!


[English] (Versão em Português mais abaixo)

A couple of years ago, I would never have thought that Dubai was going to be my first solo travel experience. All that I had heard, the luxury, the architecture, the weather, the extravagance, … I was beyond thrilled!

To make s...

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