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Welcome to Her Travel Journey - a travel blog featuring travel tips, tours and bucketlist activities, travel experiences, the traveler lifestyle and as well, photography from all over the world!

Bem-vindo/a ao Her Travel Journey - um blogue de viagens com dicas úteis, roteiros e atividades de uma vida, experiências de viagens, estilo de vida de viajante e fotografia de todo o mundo!

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[EN] I am not exactly a fan of cold weather, but these destinations left me completely in love with them.

What do they have in common? Their cold weather and snow in the winter time!

Note: This list is limited to the countries I have visited. It will be updated as I visi...

[EN] Wondering what would be the perfect time to visit Iceland?

This beautiful country is so full of different activities throughout the year that is difficult to pinpoint an ideal time of the year to visit. It depends on what you enjoy doing, on what you want to see an...

[EN] Iceland is on my top 5 favorite countries due to the variety of outdoor things to do and the dream views you can find nowhere else in the world.

This beautiful country is a very expensive one, where a meal can easily cost 50€/person and the tours are overly expensi...

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